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Tips for cutting ham with bone

If the whole piece is not consumed at once, the parts in the air should be covered with the excess bacon and with a not too thick cloth.

The ham should be kept in a dry place, but with sufficient ventilation and at a stable room temperature, away from extreme heat or cold.

It is recommended to use a support for cutting hams commonly called “Jamonero” or “Jamonera”, since its holding by hand is reserved for authentic cutting specialists.

It is the usual way of consumption in Spain, which requires a correct cut and by hand, to obtain very thin, almost transparent slices.

The cut must be done with a very sharp knife, with a narrow and long blade, in this order:


The piece must be cleaned beforehand, removing the skin and excess bacon so that you can start cutting without difficulty. The removed pieces of bacon must be preserved so that once the cutting task is finished, cover the part of the ham that remains in the air for optimal conservation


It is the part that is presented with the hoof facing downwards. It is narrow because it quickly reaches the bone, with less fat coverage, although it is especially tasty.

3. TIP.

It is the area opposite the hoof and the extreme part of the piece. It offers a short cut by hand, from which small slices are usually obtained. It is generally the most appreciated part of the tasting.

4. MAZA.

It is presented with the hoof facing upwards. It is the widest and juiciest part with the greatest fat coverage. It also offers a large cutting surface, which allows to obtain a higher performance from it.

The cut will be made gently, but with a firm pulse, downwards following the direction of the muscle fibers and taking care to remove the hand that does not always hold the knife behind it.


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