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About Us

~ Quality Products ~

Proud of our land and its quality standards

In our constant to achieve the most demanding quality, we are immersed in a continuous control of the regional, state, and the European Union authorities, which control and supervise that we can export our Ham to any part of the world. We proudly say that the different accreditations elevate us to a position of full trust on the part of our clients and prescribers when it comes to enjoying our Ham.

~ Jamones Granadinos ~

Our teamwork

We defend the values of tradition and good know-how. We are faithful to the experience of Jamones Granadinos team, and that is why we want their professional career to be linked to the elaboration of the best ham. 

We are proud to say that the average age is around 45 years and the seniority of our elders exceeds 40 years.

We feel as a small big family of hard-working people who work together to continue growing and conquering the most demanding palates.

~ About Us ~

Our values

At Jamones Granadinos SA, we continue working day by day to continue growing as a company, always transmitting our values in our products.

~ A privileged place ~

History of our company

The production of ham begins in Baza, taking advantage of the microclimate that the Sierra de Baza offers us.
Optimal production is reached to start a nationwide distribution.
Our main brand "BAZA" is born with a new company name as Jamones Granadinos, S.A.
The unification of the 6 natural cellars distributed throughout the city begins in a single building that meets the most demanding quality standards of the European Union and the most efficient technologies.
The first exports in Europe begin, getting be currently present in Asia, North America, Central America and Europe.
In the continuous search for a better sustainability, a solar plant is installed to self-sustain our energy demand.


We continue expanding in the world reaching more and more countries, offering the Ham that distinguishes us for its naturalness and quality.

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