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Craft Tradition

At Jamones Granadinos, we are defenders of the naturalness of a good Ham, that is why all our Serrano Hams and Iberian Hams, proudly say are Without Additives and Naturally Cured in our cellars located in the mountains of BAZA.

~ Our land ~

Serrano from Baza

In recognition to our land BAZA, we select the best raw materials, and with the ingredients of the traditional recipe: Ham and a pinch of Salt, we achieve excellence in flavour, aroma and texture.

~ Ibérico ~

Casa Íbera

From our Iberian origins, CASA IBERA brand born to stands out covering all Iberian products, which with care and patience come to live up to the recognized Denominations of Origin.

~ 100% Natural ~

Organic / Bio Ham

Looking for the essence of the naturalness of the Ham, we are already certified for the production of 100% Organic Ham.

~ Top 1 product ~

Boneless Ham

In any of our varieties of Serrano Ham or Iberian Ham, we offer the possibility of presenting it boneless, chopped or totally clean (polished) for consumption Without Waste and 0 waste.

~ Ready to Eat ~

Sliced Serrano Ham

The easiest way to taste our Serrano Ham and Iberian Ham thanks to our wide variety of sliced presentation.
Always adapted to your needs!

~ the best company ~

Sausages and Cheeses

Exquisite cold cuts and traditionally made cheeses. An essential collection that has accompanied our Serrano hams since the beginning of time.

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