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~ Quality Products ~

Proud of our land and its quality standards

In our constant to achieve the most demanding quality, we are immersed in a continuous control of the regional, state, and the European Union authorities, which control and supervise that we can export our Ham to any part of the world. We proudly say that the different accreditations elevate us to a position of full trust on the part of our clients and prescribers when it comes to enjoying our Ham.

~ Sustainability ~

Commitment to the ecosystem

At Jamones Granadinos we are aware of the commitment that each one of us has with the environment. For that reason we have been working for years to make our planet a little bit better every day.

  • 45% of our electric power consumption comes from the self-production of solar renewable energy.
  • 80% of our facilities are intended to the natural drying of the Ham. In these natural cellars, spend most of the maturing time.
  • We have managed to achieve the objective of 100% Ham Consumption avoiding food waste.
  • One of the premises with our suppliers is the requirement to obtain the “IAWS Animal Welfare Certificate”.
  • Our growth as a company is based on our staff, who work hard and pursue with enthusiasm to achieve excellence in ham. We get proud to be a big family with the same objective, to improve day by day to ensure that millions of people can taste the best ham from our country produced in the Sierra de Baza.
~ Natural Healing ~

A privileged place

BAZA, a city located in the foothills of Sierra Nevada and Sierra de los Filabres, is a privileged place for curing our hams; since its altitude above sea level, with fresh, pure and clean air; its climate with cold and dry winters and hot and equally dry summers, make for a microbial flora that does not exist in other places and is favorable for a good ham.

An ideal climate and a slow curing process mean that the salt used in the preparation of the ham is minimal. This allows us to be well below the average salinity degrees in Spain.

That is why we are clear that we must take advantage of the advantages that our land gives us to create the Best Ham in the most natural way possible.


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