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Assortment Iberian of natural curing, freshly cut on request to serve directly to the plate.
It is made up of:

2 envelopes of Iberian Cebo Ham 50% Iberian breed
2 envelopes of Acorn-fed pork loin 75% Iberian breed
2 envelopes of Acorn-fed Iberian Salchichón
2 envelopes of Acorn-fed Iberian Chorizo
We prepare it on request in envelopes of 100 gr. so you can consume it at your own pace. With the freshness of being freshly cut, with the perfect slice size to taste in “Tapas”.

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It is presented in a special box “Gourmet Selection”, excellent to give on special occasions.


Assortment Iberian “Gourmet Selection” is the union between the most exquisite flavors of ham and sausages of our gastronomy. Natural healing course.

Iberian bait ham 50% Iberian breed
Acorn loin 50% Iberian breed
Acorn-fed Iberian Salchichón
Acorn-fed Iberian Chorizo
This combination is the culmination of the highest quality fresh cut to order products. So you can enjoy without leaving home, hitting the whim you’ve always wanted.

Take advantage!

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