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100g of Reserva Ham Sliced with a minimum maturing of 14 months

With a medium size slice optimal for prepare the most delicious plates 

Characterized by its low salt degree.

Gluten free – Lactose free – Nitrites free – Nitrates free

Traditionally sliced and vacuum-packed with slice separator



Traditionally sliced in half slices with a separator between them so that we can quickly prepare tasty snacks or nutritious sándwiches. We have the possibility of being able to taste it in the simplest and most practical way of our Reserve Serrano Ham, aged for 14 months in natural cellars.

Using our traditional grandparents recipe, which only include Ham and a pinch of salt, we are looking for the natural essence of Jamon Serrano. Avoiding use colorants, preservative, or other artificial additives, you can taste a Healthy and 100% Natural ham, typical of the Mediterranean diet. 

The elaboration of all our ham just include the minimum necessary of salt. 

Gluten free – Lactose free – Nitrites free – Nitrates free – Artificial Additives free

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Weight 1,5 kg

Gran reserva, Reserva